Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More Thoughts

Another amazing morning in the desert. I can honestly say I really like Phoenix, at least this time of the year. The articture is stunning, the city is filled with life. Right now I'm hanging at Coffee Plantation on Mill ST. (Think Franklin St or Berkeley) Wahba is a PA, and he worked until 3 AM this morning. Now, our little girls believe sleeping late is from Satan, so, we headed out early so Mr. Wahba could sleep more than 3 hours.

Being with Jodi & Wahba feels like home; they are very hospitable, which is nice. They have basically given up their house to the Marlow's for a few days, and for that we are truly grateful.

One thing we have noticed on our trip is how our kids connect with everyone on the way. It's good to see all of our friends who don't have little ones embrace ours. For instance the Wahba's had a gift bag full of toys and cookies waiting for our kids upon arrival. Mrs. Ashdown read stories to our kids for like an hour. Therefore, every time we leave a city Bailey & Kenzie try to convince us to stay. They want to live in Dallas, Houston, and now of course it's Phoenix. Then I tell them they won't see Ken, Brenda, or Sally (The Nussbaum's dog) and they break down. Bailey says its such a hard decision and why can't we all live together. Of course, Kenzie is focused...She is Seattle bound come hell or high-water...Because Sally is going to be in Seattle, therefore, Kenzie is also.

I've learned a lot about God on this trip. It seems awkward, so surreal, that we truly have no place to land or call home, and so far we are fine with that. But, now we are locked into seeking God's will and hearing His voice and finding out where he is leading us. It's important for us to "get there" quick so I can get real estate going and all.

Below are some pics of Arizona from the top of one of the local mountains. Also, today we are going to hike Camelback Mountain with the Wahbas. I hope I make it to the top, we may not be able to with the kids and all. I will let you know tonight.

Peace & Love from the road...Where life is free, community is deep and the road is open.

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