Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Prayer Needs

One aspect I love about blogging is the sense of community that I feel. I know there are folks who are keeping up with my story...So, I see blogging as medium to communicate and share with other folks. It's also a two way street, I feel connected to my friends because of their blogs...For instance, I know what Ashdown is reading, Jeff had a new little girl, Ken is spiderman, Mark seems to be having all sorts of fun with the family, Jason is trying to figure out why we blog and Wahba is helping Jodi catch a cat.

So, that is why I think blogging is cool. Therefore, I thought I would use this blogging medium as a prayer tool for my family. Below, I'm going to list some specifics needs that we have, and I'm going to ask my global community to join me in praying for these needs. I think it's a tragedy how sometimes we can be so individualistic in our culture (church included). I do not want to be that way, I want to rely on my brothers & sisters to stand before God and my behalf, and I want to stand before God on their behalf. So here it goes:

-Pray that Necole would find a good paying job with full benefits quickly.
-Pray that I can sell at least 5 homes this summer.
-Pray that we find a good church home, were we can connect and give back.
-Pray that I can get a car to do Real Estate.
-Pray that we can find a baby-sitter/school for the girls.
-Pray that we can find a long-term place to live.
-Pray that the Lakers beat the Suns tonight.

Ok, just kidding on the last one, but hey, there you go & thanks for prayer.


Ryan Van Sickle said...

Stacy and I will be praying or you and the girls!

Chad K Miller said...

Chris, I am with you as well. May awesome things be ahead for you and the family in Seattle!

jason said...

praying for you dog... much love to you, necole, and the young ones...

Love and Peace,


jasen said...

houston is praying as well. shalom friend-