Monday, April 10, 2006

I need a cafe

Hanging at Starbucks, which is not good...I looked for an indy cafe and I finally found one in Folsom...So, I headed 20 minutes north up into the foothills and passed like 6 Starbucks on the way. When I arrived at the cafe (serves only organic coffee) I was pumped. Free wi-fi, good coffee and it's not Starbucks...So, I powered up the iBook and waited in great anticipation...Looking closely to see my airport bars come to life...But, their was nothing-nothing at all. So, I asked the lady behind the counter how to get on to the wi-fi network...She starred at me like I was nuts...So, I finally asked her if they had internet access for their customers...She said no! I was like shocked and amazed...I pick up my belonging to leave, as I was walking out the door she said, "great, I bet you he will go to Starbucks." I turned around and informed her that Starbucks has the internet, but I would prefer to support an indy cafe. She smiled, and I asked her if she could recommend one that has the internet. She frowned, I left, now I'm at Starbucks and I'm sad.

BTW- While I was on Scottsdale, I found and indy cafe with the internet that serves Blue Mountain Coffee by the cup. SWEET!

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