Saturday, April 29, 2006

Surfing The Web From Home

Yep, that's right folks...The cable dude just left the building. Now if I could just locate an xbox?

We spent the last few days hanging with Scott & Emma; these cats are so cool. It was great to see them and chat. We took them to the Fremont District for some yummy Thai food. Then we headed to Alki Beach. What a day, sand, snow-capped mountains and deep blue water; plus we ate at Alki Bakery, good stuff! After that, we headed down to Kirkland and took a walk along the waterfront, which was nice. (Except for the wanna be Paris Hilton chic walking around with her dog in hand, freaking lame, get a freaking life) Ok, time to calm down, but I HAD to RANT about that. :)

The next day we did our ferry-pilgrimage, picked up Scott & Emma and headed to The Original Pancake House. Yes, this place is soooo good. Of course, we also hung at Pike's Place; needless to say we had a blast. Scott, you need to start blogging bro.

Today we are just relaxing. Tomorrow...We head back to Seattle for church & lunch with a local pastor/blogger. Should be fun.

BTW-The Lakers are rolling baby...Since I do not have cable tv, I had to follow the game via the treo...Ya, that was like stressful. I hit refresh so many times, Necole almost took my treo from me. How mean!

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