Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life is Good

Hanging at Cafe Flood in Sac-town. Cool place, great coffee, music, & vibe. This is nice cafe, they offer curb side coffee in the morning, so you can drive up in a car and they will bring your coffee to you, which of course, the Starbucks across the street is not doing that. So props to the "flood team" for being creative and what not. This cafe is also connected to the church, which is Flood Sacramento. However, once again they have done a great job in creating and independent vibe. Anyhow, cool stuff.

Necole and I are really pumped to move forward in our lives, to dig into a city, connect to a community and find folks to do life with. Please join us on our journey and pray for the following:

1. Jobs.
2. Real Estate will do well.
3. Place to live.
4. Church home.
5 Cash Flow.
6. Mission, how can we make the city a better place and allow the Kingdom of God to shine through our lives, etc.
7. Friends for Bailey & Kenzie.
8. Sunshine :)

Peace & Love from the road...

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