Thursday, April 20, 2006


We arrived safely in Bremerton...No border problems. We caught the ferry and headed to our appointment.

Mad props to Abundant Life Foursquare Church in Bremerton, WA. They are allowing my family to stay in the Genesis House for the next 6 weeks till we settle in.

The house is great, it's clean & stocked with everything one needs...This ministry definitely has spirit of excellence. We are so grateful. They even let us snag some wireless from the church. Yippee!

It's going to feel nice to find a rhythm again. This road trip has brought so much healing to my soul. It feels good to be around folks who care, to see old friends and meet new ones. God is so good, we face many challenges, but the light is at the end of the tunnel sorta speak.

Our time is Canada was quick, but great. Ken & Brenda have AMAZING families. So much love and grace. We stayed at the house Brenda grew up in. Jerry & Diana Moore (Brenda parents) were telling Bailey that she was staying at the same house that Brenda lived in as a child. Of course, Bailey responded with the typical "Bailey" comeback; She threw her hands in the air, and told Jerry & Diana that she lived in many homes and many states, she could not believe that Brenda grew up in ONE house :)

It was also good to see Kezia. She turns 30 on Saturday, WOW. Looking forward to spending more time with her in the future.

Then we hung out with Gerald & Sue Nussbaum. (Ken's parents) They cooked us a delicious meal, and of course we drank about 6 cups of coffee. (I thought Ken was bad, I think his pops can take him any day) We had great conversations about life and ministry etc. I'm not sure if Ken & Brenda really know how excited their parents are that they are moving back to the Northwest.

Anyhow, I got to go. The road trip is now officially over. I will post some stats tomorrow.

Peace & Love from Seattle...Which is now home!


jasen said...

so tomorrow live begins..yeah! hahah

Ryan Van Sickle said...

Glad to see you guys settling in. Stay dry!

Head Guy said...

Glad you made it back over. Come back anytime and we will drink some more of that hot, black stuff. How is the commute to work? Nice time to write blog posts?