Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mean Mean Mean

Well, we made it to Canada...Barely. We arrived at the border and the border dude was not so nice. We only had 3 birth certificates therefore the border guard guy made us go to immigration. Of course the immigration chic was also mean, she grilled us with the 20 question type of quiz...Question like, "why did you move to Seattle?" And, "how do we know if that 3 year old is truly yours and this social security card is not fake?" But, after 1/2 hour, they let us through. So, now we are relaxing at Brenda's parents place in Surrey.

Looking forward to hanging with Ken's parent tomorrow and also double agent kPaul in Vancouver. I also may have to find a little cigar shop with some real Cubans :)

1 comment:

Head Guy said...

Sorry you were mistreated on the way into what is really a friendly country. Of course if you had come from another non-north American country it may not have been so bad. What business of his why you have choosen to move to Seattle. You don't need the Canadian borderdude's permission to move about your own country do you?