Tuesday, December 27, 2005

2006 is coming soon

It's that time of the year again, to think about our goals, dream and ambitions. Yes, it's goal setting time, for better or worse...Every year, I try to take a few days between C-Mas and the New Year to pray and set some goals. My hope is to get a sense of what God wants of me in the upcoming year. It also helps clarify my life and my priorities, things such as time management and how I spend my money. So, the first thing I do is process my spiritual life, I re-evaluate the previous year, and then move forward with a fresh spiritual plan...So, first things first..One of the most important goals in 2006 is to read through the bible this year. I want to make sure I have the discipline and structure to stay focused on God's word and allowing Him to mild and shape me. We are also starting a Tuesday night bible study and prayer meeting...My hope is that we can combine the two (Bible reading & Bible study) As a community we can read through the Bible together. I think this will provide a great sense of community, accountability and spiritual growth. God has given Necole and I a fresh vision, a way forward and I'm really excited about that. So, if you would like to join us, in our adventures with God, I added a link and a banner. I will let everyone know when we are going to start the reading. Peace!

One Year Bible Blog

Read through the bible in a year at OneYearBibleOnLine.com

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Chad K Miller said...

Great man, keep it up! I am with you, I pray your Tuesday night group goes well. It is great to go through the reading together. God's best to you Chris on both endavors.