Saturday, December 10, 2005


We had a great time hanging out with Ryan & Holly Sharp...We headed down to Glenwood South to get some grub at The Rockford, then we got some joe at Helios. After some good conversation, we headed to Wes's place (which is so cool, yes I'm jealous) and did a mini-house show. Holly's art was great and Ryan music was very inspiring and convicting. I had a ton of thoughts in regards to last night, it was a house show, but felt much like a spiritual community gathering to discuss various topics and ask questions that are so prominent. Maybe some day I can dig deeper and unpack the plethora of thoughts I had...I can say this, last night felt right, or real, or authentic...Very cool...Now, off to the cafe to read, relax and see my little girls!


Chad K Miller said...

Chris, sounds like a great time. I bought his CD through your links and I am really enjoying it. He is very inspired, obviously.

Chris Marlow said...

Bro, thanks for the support...That is cool!