Sunday, December 04, 2005

Looking for a church...Maybe!

This morning we headed to Life Point Church in North Raleigh. Ryan was leading worship, I must say it was really cool to hear him, he is truly anointed. We met up with Ken & Brenda, Amanda, and Stacy, so it was good to be around folks we love and care for. As for the church, it was pretty cool, they meet in a theater with close to 500 attendees...The message & vibe was very Willow Creekish, nothing wrong with that, it's just not necessarily my cup of tea. I wonder why so many churches feel the same...It's like copycats...I love individuality in church life...It seems most churches I attend feel the same...You can also tell that many pastor's are getting their content from the same "key" leaders. Don't get me wrong, I "stole/borrowed" a lot of stuff from great leaders, but I still think we as speakers and communicators have to be aware of creating space that will reflect our local ethos, calling and culture. Speaking of leadership, I've learned a lot about leadership these past few weeks...Some good, some bad. Hopefully I will blog my thoughts on this issues soon. Now, back to some football :)


Chad K Miller said...

Chris, I have attended Life Pointe Church, and I really liked it as well. It really seems to be a great community with genuine people. As far as the Willow Creek comment, I never got the impression that they are going for the emergent church type of church. This is quite simply a seeker church, that is reaching people in a positive way for Christ.

djchuang said...

To get a different church experience, maybe you'd have to go to an ethnic church! :) Yes, as retailers and restaurants have gotten homogenized across our land, so are churches. There are some notable difference in churches with high liturgy, or charismatic churches, even fundamentalist churches, but your mainstream evangelical churches are largely similar.