Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thoughts on Bono

I was going to blog about the latest Bono controversial, but I just saw Ken's post and he does a great job of describing my feelings on this topic. I'm also disappointed that Relevant Mag even allowed this article to be issued,for someone like Bono (love or hate him) I think it's important to get the "proper" info out on the air waves or in print media, not some "Christian musicians" devastating viewpoint. This leads to a few other thought provoking questions:

1. What does the future of journalism look like? Are the ethics of journalism changing because of blogs, podcasts etc?

2. Why is it that we try to find ways to "hate on" Christians who step outside the box. Even if Bono did say what he was accused off, does that mean that we need to freak out and think he some universalist and no longer a believer, maybe be made a mistake...It's not like was interviewed by a reporter and he made those statement, he was in the middle of a concert...Anyhow, now I'm ranting...Go check out Ken's thoughts and enjoy.


Chad K Miller said...

I like Bono, don't get me wrong . . . but if you have read Blue Like Jazz, is Bono, sort of our ideal Christian, you know the Tommy Tippins he talks about. Why do we get so upset when someone "cool" does something we deem as heretical. I guess it just does not shake me, although there is part of me that says, "They all are sons of Abraham." This is true, they all have similar strands, but one must make the decision themselves who to follow. When a unconvinced person comes come and googles this, it is disappointing to me that they will pull up more information about the controversy rather than "our" point of view. Jesus is the only way, which I hope Bono believes, but it is a constant decision for all of us . . . right?

Chad K Miller said...

Had to say one other thing, I would not say too much about Tara Cobble, she does have a link up on her site to the NRA, ha ha! I got a kick out of that one. Maybe she will get a TNT special some day about this controversy maybe shooting a picture of Bono, with a Jesus Only six shooter. Ha ha!