Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Trying to find my focus

Well, my planning has so far come up short, I did spend roughly 10-15 hours trying to develop my business plan...And I do have some "goals" to focus on this year, but I can't find the "flow" that I need to develop a real solid plan...It seems like land mines are all around my visions and dreams...These land mines have various words written on them in my mind, such as lack of faith, resources, community and time. So, I'm trying to push through and focus, so I can hear from God, and get direction...CLEAR direction. When I'm planning I'm using two key aspects to help me think and process the plans:

1. What would a home run look like to me? (From 2 weeks to a breakthrough) Another words, what will make this next year great?

2. This is more important then 1. No matter what I do, how do I add God to it, or better yet the Kingdom of God...? When I'm in business, How can I allow the Kingdom of God to take priority over things such as my net income? When I'm with my family, how can I allow the kingdom of God to breakthrough and take over my family, when I'm with friends, churched and unchurched, how can the Kingdom of God become part of the friendship...No matter what I "desire" to do, I want the Kingdom of God to the highest priority. So, back to the grind, I shall try and focus and see if I can get a breakthrough!

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