Friday, May 12, 2006


I'm hanging at the spotted cow cafe in Mill Creek. (Thanks John for heads up) Necole has an interview in Everett at 4:30. So, we are hanging out and trying to get stuff done.

I did not pass the real estate exam...Because, I did not take it. The company did not send me the proper info, therefore, I had to reschedule. I was so MAD, or as poker players say, I was "on tilt."

I need a little shalom right now...I need space to connect with God, and hear His voice. I need to fill the presence of Christ, and allow His peace and love to "chill me out."

I love stress, and I hate stress. I love peace, and I hate peace. I like living in a world of chaos, on the edge and all. But, I sure could use some stability also.

Conflicted, is how I feel...But, it's only a season...And, soon...This season will be over. I can't wait!

Peace & Love...And remember, to enjoy the journey.

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jasen said...

so sorry to hear about the exam man - that must be frustrating. i am praying for you man - hoping God will restore some shalom in your life.