Sunday, May 28, 2006

Off to Seattle

Well, we were suppose to head to Pathway's Church this morning. But, the ferry system made that kind of complicated. So, it looks like we will do church at Quest. They have an 11 am service. Which is nice. So, Pathways next week? Hopefully we will be living in Seattle before week's end. But, we did lose the apartment that we thought we had. So, we are back to looking for a new place to live.

Necole starts work on Thursday and then she leaves next week for 5 days of training in Cali. So, I will be doing the full time daddy day care thingy.

Well, time to load the van, and make our way to the rain city.

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Anonymous said...

would like to hear your feedback about your quest church experience.

Chris Marlow said...

Hello Anonymous,

reveal thyself and I would gladly give you the 411.