Monday, May 01, 2006

Do I Really Need More Books? YES!

I just fueled my addiction and order some books from my dealer.

I've been hearing good stuff about Simply Christian by NT Wright. I'm really looking forward to this read. Wright is one of my favorite authors and I seem to connect with his theological stream.

I also picked up Confessions of a Reformission Rev. by Mark Driscoll. I know Mark will be witty and authentic. I have a feeling I can learn a lot about church planting and ministry from this book. Also, I think every denomination should take a peek at Acts 29 and learn from these cats.

For some reason I've shelved Mclaren's book "The Secret Message of Jesus." Ken sent me Donald Millers new book "To Own a Dragon," which is about growing up without a father. Which I did, and so far the book is good, but hard to read...I will share some of my reflections later. In the meantime I need to make a choice, do I want a Fat Tire, some Bailey Irish Cream or a hot Cup of Joe?


jeff said...

Definitely a Fat Tire... drink it for me since I can't get one here. Those books are on my list too. I'm reading Finding Darwin's God right now and am having a tough time getting through it because I have a mini-addiction to Soduko the past few weeks.

john chandler said...

For what its worth, I thought the second half of Secret Message was more useful than the first, if only because most of the first was not really original with McLaren and I'd read it elsewhere. His interpretations of what to do with it is what made the book worthwhile for me.

jasen said...

i agree with john - good idea on shelfing 'secret message'; i am on the last chapter of simply christian and it is amazing. cant wait to discuss it with ya.

and i'd go with baileys. yum

Chad K Miller said...

Hey Chris,
What do you think about McLaren's apparent view of Revelations being strictly for the Romans, not for us today. I am just wondering.

john chandler said...

Just ordered "Simply Christian" -- it'd been sitting on my wish list taunting me, and now you pushed me over the edge.

BTW, have you figured out that the bummer of living in WA is that you have to pay sales tax to Amazon?