Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Reflections

So, we made the pilgrimage to Seattle this morning. And we had a great time. After the ferry ride, we headed to the Queen Anne neighborhood and had coffee at El Diablo Coffee Company. After the shot of energy we headed to Quest Church. I will post more about our experience, but I must say it was awesome. Loved the church and can't wait to go back.

After church, we headed to The Original House of Pancakes for a great brunch. After brunch we headed to The Fremont District and hung out at Caffe Ladro, great coffee and cool place.

After another shot of energy (does anyone see a theme here?) we headed to Ballard to catch some rays at the beach. Of course, the clouds quickly rolled in, so we packed our bags and went to Ballard Locks. Long story short, the locks help the ships convert from salt water to fresh water, or vise-versa. Also, in the summer, all the Salmon come through the locks and head up stream to lay eggs and die; or they become lunch for the little bears. The locks were cool, but our day was not over yet.

After the locks, we headed to Pike's Place and grabbed some fresh grub. Stuff like crab, sole, fruit and veggies; of course we had an hour and a half drive so we had to hit one more Cafe.

BTW-Dinner was really good. I can't wait till Ken & Brenda arrive; It will only get better. :)

Peace & Love!

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Carrie said...

So remember, at Quest Church, Jon & Annie DeWaal. Annie is a super-good friend of mine. Diablo is an awesome spot, and they have live music occasionally. FYI, try Noah's Bagels for breakfast next Sunday. Oh Queen Anne....I miss you, but not school which was the only reason I was there....