Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Well, yesterday we got a call from Necole's mother. She informed us that they are moving to Dallas, TX. My first reaction &^&&*^&^%%&%. Ya, not good for sure.

Backstory time:

When we closed Sacred down, Necole and I decided to stay put in Raleigh. We had some other possibilities for ministry and we did not want to just run away, we liked the city and felt we could stay there long term.

Then, Necole's parents told us that they were moving to Oregon. After some thinking and praying, we decided to relocate our family to Seattle. We desired our kids to be around their family. Seattle was a 7 hour drive. And Seattle is such a great city.

So, now that we live in Seattle, and we really love the city, we have to deal with the reality that our entire family is now in Dallas. Necole's mom & step dad & dad and step mom and like 6 brother's and sisters and a bunch of cousins and all.

When we visited Dallas a few months ago, Necole and I almost stayed. We don't really like Dallas, but family is such a huge thing and all, right? I mean, our daughters love being around their family. And we really want them to have a greater sense of family and the natural community that is created with the family atmosphere.

Needless to say, we are highly frustrated, we love Seattle. We have already built great friendships here and the Nussbaums will be here soon (but not soon enough). So, now the question is this, do we want to spend the next 15 years or so away from our family?


Ryan Van Sickle said...

Dude that Sucks! If Stacy and I had kids we would be in the same boat. We will be praying for you man. Peace

Anonymous said...

What a quandry!

You could be surrounded by all the family in the world, but if you are not in the place where God has called you, you'd be unsatisfied and discontent.

On the flipside. If the Lord has called you to be close to family, then near family you ought to go.

Spend some time alone with the Lord. Fast, pray. Seek His will and His peace. For the sake of all those involved be sure your decision is based upon God's will and not emotion. It's tough. I have confidence in you and the Lord that you will end up in the place where He has called you.

Father, I lift the Marlows up to you. May you grant them wisdom and peace. Help them to listen and hear, as the sheep hear and follow the voice of the Shepherd. Give them a sound mind and like-mindedness. We love you and thank You for Your grace and mercy which you pour out so freely. For You are truly Wonderful and Awesome! Amen.

Jason Hudson said...

Sad to hear, man. You will continue to be in our prayers.

Bjn said...

Please do as "anonymous" says. It seems (from a stranger's view) that your mother-in-law is confused about where they should be also. You might pick up and move and find yourself sans family again. Give it to the Lord and he will guide you. Perhaps if you re-read your 2 previous blogs you will find he already has. (Ken's Aunt in Indiana)