Sunday, May 14, 2006

Great Mother's Day

6:45am came early this morning. Bailey & Mackenzie wanted to make mom some breakfast in bed. So, we got up early and mad some pancakes & eggs. Then we headed off to church.

After church, we got together with the whole Nussbaum clan, well not all of them, since Ken & Brenda are some 3000 miles away, which is so not cool. But soon, they will be here in the great Northwest and we can't wait.

But, today we had some BBQ and hung out at Tim & Rachel place. Gerald & Sue came down from Canada and we finally got to meet Carrie. Of course we begged Carrie to put us on her free Starbucks coffee list.

Fun times for sure, the Nussbaum's are a great family. We could not have asked for better weather and girls swam for like 5 hours.

Although, I paid a heavy price, because I missed the last episode of the West Wing. Thank God for Netflix. BTW, why did they cancel that show? Big mistake!


Head Guy said...

Our price for the day saw us getting home at 1:00 AM. But it was worth it!

Carrie said...

I missed Grey's Anatomy. But that's why I have a faux TiVo.

Chris Marlow said...

TIVO, Oh I miss my TIVO.

1:00AM, Ouch, that hurts.

I'll catch the West Wing on DVD:)

Ryan Van Sickle said...

Hey man, have you heard of his church?

Chris Marlow said...

Hey bro,

I have, they are in the Fremont District, cool church, young & artsy.
Hey, you should check out It's cool church in
NYC. Hope all is well...Any plans for a new CD release?

Anonymous said...