Monday, May 22, 2006


(RED) is the new product line that Bono & DATA are rolling out along with a bunch of corporate companies. A quick description of Red:

Product RED was created by Bono and Bobby Shriver, Chairman of DATA to raise awareness and money for The Global Fund by teaming up with the world's most iconic brands to produce RED-branded products. A percentage of each RED product sold is given to The Global Fund. The money helps women and children with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Now, I'm not sure how I feel about Bono lying is the same bed as these businesses. But, I must say, I was impressed with the following product description by Gap:

The Gap (RED) products you've been waiting for are available now! Starting today, Gap is launching products from the (RED) brand with 50% of the profits donated to the Global Fund to help fund programmes in Africa for women and children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Gap (RED)'s first product is the iconic Gap T-shirt. The vintage-look shirt is made for both women and men and is priced at £14.50. It is manufactured in Africa from 100% African cotton and comes in red, of course, plus a range of other classic colors. The Gap (RED) T-shirt is available in the UK starting today. An expanded Gap (RED) collection will be launched in the UK and US in fall 2006.

Who knows, maybe this is another stream of cash flow and global awareness for Africa. Or, is it just a cool PR spin for all of these big business? The answer may lie in the middle.


john chandler said...

Thanks for the heads up...I posted a link to this over at

Jason Hudson said...

I even heard rumors of a Red iPod a while back. Wonder if it was true and still in the works.

Chris Marlow said...

red ipod? rad.

Ryan Van Sickle said...

I think this is a great thing, but isn't it sad that we have to keep making up new names for the same cause. Why can't we just give out of pure love and not tag it with a product or name? I can't figure this out.