Monday, May 01, 2006

Sunday Reflections

Another nice sunny Seattle day...Feels good. Yesterday, we worshiped at Pathways Church in Mill Creek. We really enjoyed our experience, the folks were friendly and the message was challenging. I LOVE the core values of Pathways; struggle, meaning, redemption, sacrifice & community. I really respect what Pathways Church is doing. They are in the "burbs," and they are really challenging their people to think and act like missional Christ-Followers NOT just Sunday church attenders, which is not an easy task. I'm sure if they changed their approach they could have more folks attending,(although they have a great crowd for such a new church) but their goal seems to be growth through mission & struggle.

After church, we headed over to John & Sherri Chandler's place. Now, these cats do not even know us. John and I shared a few emails in regards to Theohacks; which is a great podcast that you should be listening too. It was great to see our kids play with the Chandler's kids.

Necole and I enjoyed our time with the Chandlers. One of the reasons I love about moving to Seattle was the quality of friendships that I think I can build here, Lot's of sharp folks who are pushing the edge of theology and church. I know being in this kind of environment will cause me to grow and become a better Jesus-follower and pastor.

Although, I do have one frustration, John (being from Colorado and all) is a Denver Broncos fan. That my friend is a hard pill to swallow being a disgruntled Raiders fan. Who knows, maybe I will have the courage to become a Seahawks fan? In the meantime, GO Raiders! Maybe we can win 5 games this year????????????? Although I would not bet on it.

Anyhow, big props to the Chandlers. Thanks for allowing us to hang and taking time on a Sunday to welcome us to the Rain City!


john chandler said...

Thanks for the kind words Chris. We enjoyed the time as well. We'll have to get together when the Broncos walk all over the Raiders. :)

Dean said...

Chris, It was great to meet you and your family this weekend. You are a huge encouragement to us and our heart's desire to make a difference in this area of the country. I hope that we can be an encouragement to you as well. Let's stay in touch.