Monday, January 30, 2006

Best Bloggers

Bloglines is an RSS reader that tracks blogs...If you like to read a lot of blogs I would suggest you use bloglines. It also automatically updates itself when a new post is available. I currently track close to 80 blogs that range from ministry, personal productivity, real estate and much more. Must of them are ok, but their are a few that are great, these blogs go above and beyond...Sometimes I hate reading them because they make me think and ponder and I do enough of that without the help of blogs. So, I'm going to list my must read blogs. I hope you enjoy them.

In no particular order:

Jason Clark hails from the UK. He is a pastor and also helps lead Emergent International. Jason always has good thoughts and brings an intellectual balance to the blog world.

Andrew Jones also hails from the UK. He was a blog pioneer and has a lot to say about media, church planting, and culture.

Steven is a friend and missionary in S. Africa. He has a lot to say about the state of Africa, Poverty and Justice. I hope to make it out to S. Africa someday soon and hang out.

Dave Ferguson is a pastor is Illinois and a leader in the multi-site movement. Almost every post has great content. I think I should print his material out and save it somehow. He just started blogging in the last few months. Good stuff.

Mark Batterson is a pastor in DC. He is by far my favorite blogger. I used his material a lot when preaching. (Thanks Mark) His church seems amazing and his writing skills are great. Keep up with this guy.

Guy Kawasaki is a Mac evangelist, Author, Public Speaker and his blog is AMAZING. So much content. He also just started blogging in the past month. Guy tends to supersede any label...If your a student, pastor or business person, Guy's blog will be beneficial to you.

Marko is the leader of YS. Plus, if you are known to the world by just one name, you are automatically cooler them most. Marko's blog is witty, fun and also has a lot of interesting stuff to say.

That is my must read list...Although, my one frustration is the fact that these are all men, were are the women bloggers?

The blog world has really been so beneficial, it's great that I get a chance through the virtual world to get to know and learn from these great leaders.

Who are your favorite bloggers. Let us know.


Steven Nicholson said...

Best Blogger? Wow! I've never won any blogging award, so I'm hereby claiming the "Chris Marlow Top Bloggers of the Year Prize" for my trophy shelf. Come to think of it, it will be the first item on the shelf. Actually, now I need to find a shelf...

Thanks for the encouragement - looking forward to seeing you "soon"! :)

Dave Ferguson said...

I'm with Steve, I'm going to take my trophy and run! Thanks Chris!