Friday, January 06, 2006

Seattle Here We Come???

Well, as many if you know, Necole and I have been through some difficult times as of late...Not getting our home and finding out that Necole's parents have decided to move to Oregon has caused Necole and I to really rethink and pray about our future here in Raleigh. So, here comes the big announcement, for the most part, we've decided to relocate to Seattle WA. Maybe the first question you have is "Why Seattle?" Well, their are multiple reasons why...But the biggest reason is simple, and that is family. We will be a half day drive from Necole's parents...We think it's very important for our kids to be close to their family. 2. Seattle has my top 2 choices in Seminaries...So, I'm hoping to wrap up my education in the next few years. 3. I miss the big city. I love Raleigh, but I miss the big city feel. Now, all that said, we realize this creates many more challenges, we know the grass is not "greener" on the other side. I hope to add to my thoughts in the coming days, in the meantime if you could pray for us we would appreciate that. Peace and love!!!


jasen said...

the more and more i think about this i am soo excited for you guys! we will be praying for you for sure!!

Chad K Miller said...

Seattle sounds like a great place. I know they have Mars Hill, which would be so awesome. I will be praying for you all, I know how things can change so quickly. Be led by the path of peace, but not necessarily, the easy road my friend.

wahba said...

i know the city of Raleigh will deeply miss your family. your work for His kingdom has blessed many in your path.

so let's make a deal: get us a gig in Seattle, and get a free crash-on-your-couch from wahba!