Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Stream of Consciousness

The Stream of Consciousness is for the most part how I blog. I rarely if ever write something and sit on it. I just start typing and allow a certain flow to take over. I'm hoping in the future to change this habit. Now I'm usually thinking about my posts all the time, for instance...The issues with identity has been swirling in my mind for the last few months. Also, I never take more then 10 minutes to write any one blog post...Unfortunately, It takes me longer to do a spell check and to process my horrible grammar then it does to actually write my thoughts...Another words, I'm not the best writer around (as if you haven't noticed). Not sure why I'm saying this, but I thought I would give you the 411 and what not. My desire for this blog is to authentic and raw. Kinda like a snapshot into my mind. (which is so freaking twisted) I want to thank those who keep up with my life and this blog...Somehow or some way I hope to say something that will encourage someone in their life journey.

Influence is a key motivating word in my life. I pray dailey that God would help me influence those around me. This is why I feel no matter what I'm doing, like selling homes or preaching, I feel like I can help draw folks closer to God. For instance, Necole and I have received multiple comments from our clients.

Like my out of state client who is moving from Florida to Raleigh, She told me she was looking for a real estate agent for months...Within the first 5 minutes of speaking with me she was peaceful and she knew we would help take care of her needs.

Another client, who is a first time home buyer said he was relieved that he found us and he knew that he could trust us.

Our greatest desire in real estate in not the commission check, it's being able to spends months with clients and in that time, for them to see the love of God in out lives.

When I was in corporate sales, the majority of my clients said the exact same thing. I was able to build a culture of trust. Sales environments are harsh. But, Christ is counter-cultural, so I knew in order to be successful in sales, (In God's eyes not man's) I had to be counter-cultural in my approach. Another words, how can I influence people, how can I show the love and character of God. How is it that God wants to use me to transform the culture around me.

So, on a dailey basis, I pray for influence. I'm always seeking the "God way" of doing things...I do not want to conform to the ways of the world. Their is always a better way, and to me that's God's way. This is why I blog. I know their are other church planters who's dreams were crushed, and I also know that no matter why the church failed, they are having to deal with that reality and for the most part they are alone and searching for a conversation that will encourage them and provide hope to move forward in God's love and grace.

Also, I had a series of post that I was going to roll out this week...BUT, somehow I lost them in my blogger engine. Hmm, maybe that was God will? I think these post would have been a little controversial for sure. So, I hope to rewrite them soon and maybe add some more thoughts. For the most part, I will share my Sacred story, the good, the bad and the ugly. I would even love to write a book about it someday...I would imagine the title would be called something like "failing with grace," or "how my church plant failed." We have way to many books about how churches succeeded, but I would be interested to hear the stories of those who failed. Not sure how popular this would be with the Christian consumer machine...But, I know it would help future church planters see the "real" world of church planting. Maybe I could help them avoid some of the mistakes that I made...And maybe, somehow I could help influence other's, so the Kingdom of God and become a reality. After all, is that not the goal?

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