Monday, January 23, 2006

I had no clue we had a top 50 list

The Church Report - The 50 Most Influential Christians in America just came out today. My first thought is this, I wonder if God would have a different 50? All these folks are the big time guys and gals...I have a feeling that their are a lot of nobodies in our eyes, people like the inner city pastors or the rural preachers...Anyhow, I know that is besides the point...I was surprised to see Leonard Sweet ahead of Brian Mclaren...Not that I have a preference or anything. Jack Hayford is on the list...He is the President of my denom (or maybe its not my denom, I'm not for sure if I have been booted or not). Rob Bell & Erwin Mcmanus also made the cut. I do have a sneaky suspicion that for some reason this top fifty list thing seems so wrong. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Also, I was a little distressed that I did not make it. Darn!!!


jasen said...

funny how many texans...thechurchreport must be based somewhere there...and i agree with you - these are all big time people....something about the least being the greatest in the bible...right?????

Chad K Miller said...

Where is Donald Miller at? But seriously, I think they picked a lot of good people, though Robert Schuller might be my number one for personal reasons. I found Jesus while reading his book. I guess we all have our favorites, even if we are emerging, we still have some "modern" characteristics.

Chris Marlow said...

Yes, I think there are a lot of cool folks on the list, but I not a fan of "lists," modern or postmodern. I mean how do you define top 50? Amercian Christian culture at its best.