Sunday, January 22, 2006

Kobe Is Sick

So, I was I was off to bed when I heard Kobe scored 60 by the end of the third quarter...No doubt, I had to power up the iBook and follow the game. So far Kobe has 74 and he is shooting over 50%. Sick, that is so sick.

Update: Kobe finished with 81. Second highest EVER to Wilt's 100. WOW!

Update 2: Kobe shot 62%. He scored 55 in the second half. The Lakers were down 17 in the 3rd and the won by like 10. Crazy, many Kobe haters are saying this game is even more impressive them Wilt's 100...Jordon himself only got to 69 and that was an overtime game. He cliamed a it's to hard to be a guard and score more then 70.

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wahba said...

update: who cares about Kobe? Big Ben and the Bus are gonna get one for the thumb!