Thursday, January 12, 2006

Why I will miss Raleigh

1. The People, it's going to be hard to say goodbye to a lot of cool people that I will love and respect forever.

2. Thunderstorms. I love them and I will miss them.

3. Cost of living...Housing is soooooo cheap here.

4. Traffic...It's funny to hear the locals get upset about the traffic. They have no clue how lucky they are.

5. NC beach...Warm, not crowded and very sandy. West Coast beaches are amazing to look at; but NC beaches are amazing to swim in.

6. JR's Cigar.

7. Southern hospitality

8. Sweet tea...Ok, NOOOOOT!

9. College football & basketball. In my opinion, the south has the best overall college sports vibe in America.

I think that is it for now...Peace & Love.


jasen said...

i think you forgot 1 MAJOR thing...


nuf said.

wahba said...

word up to the bojangles comment. go on Chris, you'll just leave more sweet tea for me.