Monday, January 30, 2006

Brian Responds To His Critics

Brian Mclaren responds to the criticism he received: Brian McLaren on the Homosexual Question 4: McLaren's Response

I find it funny that folks are still upset that Mclaren has not brought clarity to his personal views on homosexuality. Because he is a leader, apparently folks think he is obligated to clarify his stance. Why are people so obsessed with having to have all the answers...?Can they not see the Brian is struggling to understand and define these issues? Is it not ok to allow someone to have space and time...?Does Emergent have a responsibility to clarify their stance on this issues? If so, then do we have to clarify "all" issues that we are struggling through? Also, since when did it become ok to "slam" your brothers or sisters in Christ? I think Mark Driscoll should make a public apology to Brian, Doug and Emergent. Not for the content, but for the fact that he elevated himself above others, and the fact that his attitude was in no way one that reflected Christ, or a leader. Also, what about Acts 29. Are they upset about Driscoll's comments? Do they feel like Driscoll responded in a way that reflects the culture and attitude of Acts29? On a personal level, I think Acts 29 & Emergent both have huge roll to fulfill in our culture...I love and respect both ministries...Yes, I also disagree on certain theological issues that they both hold. But, I'm ok with that. I think the tension between the two can be good for the church, if we have a good attitude in the meantime.

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jasen said...

for reals!!! why does everyone want to be spoon-fed? why do they have to know the leaders answer before they can decide for themselves. i was personally inspired by brian's response - he was able to flesh out a lot of my thoughts for the scriptures. it will be interesting to see what acts 29 and driscoll's respose shall be. you are right, they are both playing a huge roll in church and culture right now.