Thursday, January 26, 2006

Driscoll vs. Mclaren

This is so sad, not sure what Driscoll was thinking. Now, I tend to agree that Emergent side steps some huge issues...BUT, why would you slam and ridicule someone on a blog? Driscoll seems to discredit himself by his own attitude.

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Mike DeVries said...

Completely agree. In fact, the first question I asked myself was "Which editor actually let that oen get through?" It was a pretty cavalier, offensive, and arrogant rant. Excactly why does he feel the necessity to mention twice in the post that he is a pastor of a large church? Does that somehow make is opinion more valid? Also, making an appointment with a man and his penis? Please! Completely immature.

Anyway... thanks for the heads up! Hope all is well with you and the move to WA. Peace.