Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Things I Like about Seattle

I thought I would add some more thoughts on our move to Seattle.

Reasons I'm looking forward to moving to Seattle:

1. Big City...I love Raleigh, but over the past few years I would tell Necole that I felt closterphobic...It's a little too small for me. I was eating lunch with Ryan Van Sickle today, he told me that I could go to a different cafe each day; and by the end of the year, I would still have new cafe's to explore in Seattle. So, I can't wait to be back in a big city...To hear the sounds, see the sights and explore the culture. Fun Fun Fun.

2. Outdoors...In Seattle, you can be at the beach, or in the mountains in less then an hour...Major mountains, hiking trials, kayaking, Islands off the Pudget Sound and all kinds off outdoor stuff. Also, the water is deep blue...It's really beautiful...On a clear day, I think and have said that Seattle is the best city in America. (The problem of course, is the sun tends always want to hide behind those wicked dark gray clounds)

3. It's not conservative...I'm looking forward to having some great conversations about God, life and spirituality. Typically, when I have some "theological" conversation here in the Triangle I get this black & white "I've got God figured out" and "I know my stuff so let's not try to rethink anything," nonsense. Ok, let's stop the rant before it begins.

4. No humidity...Nuff said!

5. Close to Cali and family & friends.

6. Pro sporting events...Football, Basketball & YES baseball. I love going to professional baseball games.

7. It's rarely hot...Summers are long and cool.

Reasons I'm not looking forward to Seattle:

1. Rain & Overcast skies. YUCK YUCK YUCK

2. Cost of living is HIGH. Ave home in Seattle is close to $400,000.

3. Traffic

4. Miss my Raleigh friends.

Tomorrow, I will post on the things that I will miss about Raleigh. Peace & Love


Dustin said...

Noticed that you're a realtor AND a Pastor... The rainy city welcomes you!

jason said...

I'm gonna miss ya dog... coarse I don't see you that much... still, gonna miss ya...

Seattle's gettin' a good one...

Call you tomorrow..